Basic Facts


Capital: Nicosia

Flags of Cyprus:
Flag of South Cyprus:
Flag of North Cyprus:
White with a copper-colored silhouette of the island (the name Cyprus is derived from the Greek word for copper) above two green crossed olive branches in the center of the flag; the branches symbolize the hope for peace and reconciliation between the Greek and Turkish communities. White with a vertical red crescent (the closed portion is toward the hoist side) and red five-pointed star centered just outside the crescent opening. There are also two red strips one at the top and one at the bottom. Red is coming from the Turkey's national flag and crescent indicates the religion (muslim).

Government: Cyprus have two seperate governments for the Greek and the Turkish cypriots. Each has its own elected parliament, with its own Prime Minister.

Area: 9251 sq km (3608 sq mi), with 3355 sq km in North Cyprus5896 sq km in South Cyprus

Coastline: 648 sq km

Natural resources: Citrus fruits, grapes, vegetables, wheat, copper, pyrites, asbestos, gypsum, timber, salt, marble, clay earth pigment.

Literacy rate: 98% (2003 est.)

Official Holidays in North Cyprus

Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Feb 1-4* - Kurban Bayram (Feast of the Sacrifice)
Apr 23 - National Sovereignty and Children's Day
May 1- Labour and Spring Holiday
May 19 - Ataturk Commemoration and Youth & Sports Day
20 July Turkish Intervention
Aug 1 Establishment date of T.M.T (Social Resistance Day)
Aug 30 - Victory Day
Oct 29 - Republic Day
Nov 15 Republic Day of T.R.N.C
Nov 14-16* - (End of Ramadan) Ramazan or Seker Bayram

PS: Muslim festivals(*) are timed according to local sightings of various phases of the moon and the dates given above are approximations. This means Ramadan and Kurban Bayrams are realized in different dates for every year. In general,the date of Ramazan Bayrami and Kurban Bayrami would be skipped depending on the period of '10 days before' the last celebrated date. For instance: If Ramadan Bayram is celebrated in Feb 1,2004, for

the next year(2005), it should be approximately realized in Jan 21.
 The skipped period between Bayrams is permanent which is the '10
day before' the last celebration date.

Official Holidays in South Cyprus

Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Jan 6 - Epiphany
Mar 14 Green Monday
Mar 25 - Greek Independence Day
Apr 1 - Greek Cypriot National Day
Apr 29 - Greek Orthodox Good Friday May 1 - Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday; Labour Day
Jun 20 - Pentecost (Kataklysmos)
Aug 15 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Oct 1 - Cyprus Independence Day
Oct 28 - Ochi Day (Greek National Day)
Dec 24-26 - Christmas

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