About Cyprus, island of love

The people of Cyprus are warm, friendly and naturally hospitable, and it is a genuine pleasure for us to welcome visitors - perhaps because we have been doing just that for thousands of years. As the third largest island in the Mediterranean, with its unique proximity to Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus has been coveted, won and lost by countless civilisations over the centuries. Since the Mycenean Greeks settled here over 3,000 years ago establishing the Greek civilisation on the island, we have seen Phoenicians, Romans, Crusaders, Franks, Venetians and other conquerors who have all left their mark here and helped to shape the island's special character. Aphrodite, mythological goddess of beauty, was born in the foam of our warm seas, and spawned a huge cult in pagan times. Yet on those same shores St. Paul himself was to introduce Christianity to Cyprus - by converting the first ever Roman Governor - in 45 AD.
Cyprus is an island of great beauty and endless variety. Golden beaches and rugged coastline are contrasted by the impressive backdrop of unusual mountain ranges. Greek temples, Roman, remains, Byzantine churches and Crusader castles, inspire fascinating excursions

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