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Cyprus is an island divided in to two halves, the North and the South sides. The Northern side is Turkish and the southern side is Greek. The island is separated by the green line that runs through the capital city, Nicosia. The green line is a demilitarized zone maintained by the United Nations. Nicosia (Turkish: Lefkosa, Greek: Lefkosia) is the capital of Cyprus and is currently the only divided capital in the world.

More basic facts on Cyprus can be found on this website.

Cyprus has a very long history that goes back more than 9000 years. The island has many historical sites to visit so the islands history can be fully appreciated by the visitor. Cyprus is the third largest island situated in the north eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. The geography of North Cyprus is characterized by mountains, plains and beaches. Cyprus has one of the most clean and unspoilt sandy beaches

in the world which 25% of the Green Turtles of the Mediterranean visit Cyprus to lay their eggs during the months of July and August.

While in visiting Cyprus, you will need transportation to get around. There are bus and taxi services and many good car hire companies.

There are many interesting cities to visit in Cyprus with fascinating history and many beautiful sites.
Cyprus has a very high standard of health and medical services. Hospitals, private clinics and medical centers are equipped with the latest facilities. Most places have English speaking doctors or translators.

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