Know where you go before you go

We have prepared for you a large picture gallery of the area and our recommendations of places where to go.

Apart from enjoying your holiday and having fun, our main recommendation is to get out and about and explore this beautiful island. Also, try a few of the eateries available around our apartment before settling on your favourites. This way you get to meet some of the local characters as well as sampling the great variety of delicious dishes available to you.


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108-0805_STA.jpg (12946 bytes)   Our lovely lounge 
image9.jpg (21357 bytes)   Master bedroom
107-0795_IMG.jpg (216641 bytes)     Kitchen and dining area
109-0921_IMG-new-new.jpg (12784 bytes)   Guest bedroom
107-0749_IMG.jpg (288549 bytes)     Our apartment block from the outside
107-0748_IMG.jpg (228541 bytes)     And one more snap of our apartment block...
107-0750_IMG.jpg (223123 bytes)    Our beautiful beach
P3200197.jpg (691965 bytes)     Our beach in March
P2270056.jpg (392285 bytes)     This is a small cove right next to our beach. 90% of 
    the time you can have this little beach just for yourself
P2270041.jpg (374779 bytes)    Is it beautiful?
P1010014.jpg (712392 bytes)  Church in Protaras. Nice walk and beautiful views
P1010079.jpg (643970 bytes)     Small harbour in Aiya Napa
P1010080.jpg (671131 bytes)     Ayia Napa´s beach
P4240047.jpg (638828 bytes)     Cavo Greco, about 20 min drive away.
    Recommended for a little chill out break. Get on the 
    top and you will never forget the views! Why not to
     rent a bicycle a go for a little exploration trip like on
     next picture. 
107-0777_IMG.jpg (183823 bytes)     Bicycle riding on Cape Greco
107-0767_IMG.jpg (282949 bytes)    My favorite pool, Sunny Coast about 5 min walk
    from the apartment
107-0771_IMG.jpg (283698 bytes)    Another picture of Sunny Coast´s pool
107-0758_IMG.jpg (273004 bytes)     Aiya Triada harbour and beach. Its is nice walk
    from the apartment through the costal path, about 
    a mile.
konnos bay.jpg (60141 bytes)     Konnos Bay. A beautiful beach with the best water
    sports hire and floating sun beds, that you can take
    into the water and chill.
P5280181.jpg (688827 bytes)    Nearby Ocean Aquirium can offer you great
   underwater experianse
P5280058.jpg (605073 bytes)     Kennedy bar provide family entertaiment
    7 nights of the week. Its about 5 min walk from
    our apartment.
108-0809_IMG.jpg (205912 bytes)     Corner Pin. One of our closest bar and well
    recommended. Family entertaiment 4 times a nite. 
    Get there your breakfast or just pop in for a quick
     beer on the way back from beach.
108-0806_IMG.jpg (273537 bytes)     Marlita hotel in Pernera. Free sunbeds, nice pool,   
     good entertaiment.
cyprus_paphos.jpg (23527 bytes)     Harbour in Paphos and the castle. Why not to make 
    a trip to the other site of the island. Its only about 2
    and half hours drive...

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